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Neck Label Printing

Pad printing is the alternative mechanism of heat transfer label printing also called neck label printing. Here you can print the logo directly on to the fabric without any film, curing, and fusing machine. 50 wash guarantee and no cracking of the label. 50-75% cost saving than heat transfer label.

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SB series Ink

Tagless Garment Ink – Sapphire SB series Ink from Inkcups Now Corp.
Tagging garments – jeans, t-shirts, undergarments etc. – is getting quicker and easier. With Sapphire SB series ink the tags can be pad or screen printed, no sewing tags in or heat transferring required.

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Everflex Printing Pad

This durable silicone has excellent ink transfer qualities and is extremely resistant to abrasion and tears. It has no break-in time, provides exceptional fine line detail and has excellent resistance to "image burn-in" and "memory." This high-tensile strength silicone has exceptional life and works with all ink

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Photo Polymer Plates

Inkcups Now is one of the largest laser and polymer pad printing plate (cliché) suppliers in the USA. Our sales volumes on pad printing plates enable some of the industry's lowest pricing. We offer a complete line of traditional photosensitive alcohol and waterwash pad printing plate materials.


Welcome To ARKA International

Our Arka International is a leading distributor of imported products that are distributed across India

In this row, currently we are focusing on the "Apparel Printing Sector" as specificallyTagless Printing machine” from the “Inkcups"

Now from USA. “Inkcups Now” is a specialty manufacturer that provides the highest quality supplies, equipment, and technical support for the pad printing and screen printing industries. Over the last twenty years, the ‘Inkcups Now’ team has developed and patented many innovations in the pad printing and specialty printing marketplaces Tag printing ­ also known as "inkcup printing" and "label­free printing" ­ is perhaps one of the hottest trends in apparel manufacturing and promotional apparel industry today. Apparel manufacturers started looking for alternatives to sew­in t­shirt labels and garment tags several years ago, mainly because they were trying to make the consumer more comfortable in their clothes. The most popular solution was to use labels that adhere to the fabric by Heat Transfer (also known as Thermal Transfer). However, heat transfer labels did not always solve consumer problems because these labels often were not soft enough to the touch (not "soft hand" as people in the screen printing industry put it). In addition, heat transfer labels have caused skin allergies in a small percentage of babies and adults. On the production side, thermal transfer labels were not convenient for short runs because they had to be purchased in high volumes, with long lead times.

Latest Work

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Now has been on the front line of adjusting pad printing machinery to the task of clothing tag printing and promoting this cost­saving method over heat transfer.

We offer a turnkey solution for printing neck labels on t­shirts, sweatshirts, underwear, outerwear and other garments. Pad printing of apparel tags (also known as inkcup printing) is a cost­effective and flexible alternative to Heat Transfer Labels. Printed tags cost less, last longer, allow for faster production and can be modified in­house.

Cobalt 1000 YAG Laser Engraver & Plate-Maker

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COBALT 1000 laser system - a direct-to-plate etching system designed to produce high resolution pad printing plates. This highly productive, compact system is a breakthrough product for the pad printing industry. The COBALT 1000 eliminates many inconsistencies in the pad printing process while at the same time offering dramatic quality, efficiency and process improvements over existing plate technologies. And if this were not enough the COBALT 1000 is able to engrave thin steel and thick steel clichés as well as other metallic items.

  • Improved print quality - laser plates are 1st generation so there is no loss of resolution due to film
  • Etched Cobalt laser plates are 100% repeatable
  • Improved ink lay down - laser engraved plates have a straight walled etching and more precise inkwell profile than polymer plates
  • Cobalt plates can be made with "combination etching" - halftones for bold areas and open etch for fine graphics
  • Used plates are easily stored and edges do not curl over time

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