Pad Printing System ICN-150

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The rugged ICN-150 is an ideal large-part pad printer machine. It handles 150mm ink cups that enable printed images up to 140mm in diameter - significantly larger than the industry's standard 130mm ink cups, which are only capable of 115mm images. Its unique independent pad/ink cup stroke allows easy loading of large parts and print cycle being efficiently fine-tuned for the highest quality images.

The ICN-150 pad printer machine is offered as a 1- or 2-color printer and features an extended forward stroke, two-position pneumatic shuttle and XYR micro-adjust printing plate assemblies. This piece of pad printing equipment is ideal for crisp, accurate graphics because it has excellent pad compression capability and provides ample room for large, hard printing pads or pad clusters. The ICN-150 comes with a heavy-duty base cabinet assembly, height adjust assembly and XYR tooling table – perfect for handling large parts including injection molded housing, bezels, mugs, drinkware, beach balls, large promotional products and tagless garments.

ICN-150 Pad Printer Machine Standard Features ICN-150 Pad Printer Machine Standard Limits
  • Accommodates up to two 150mm ink cup assemblies
  • Independent pad and ink cup stroke
  • Two-position pneumatic part shuttle
  • XYR micro-adjust plateholder assemblies
  • Quick-release locking handles on pads and cups
  • Programmable rear and forward stroke delay
  • Programmable parts counter
  • Interlocked safety guards
  • Lighted work area
  • Base cabinet with height adjust
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures years of reliable operation
Inkcup Size Image Area Plate Size
1-up 150mm 140mm (5.5") 160mm x 360mm
2-up 150mm (2) 160mm x 360mm

Maximum Speed
One color (IPH) 1200
Two color (IPH) 600

Power Requirements and Dimensions
Current/Voltage (1 phase/50-60 Hz.) 5A/110V
Air Consumption (CFM/PSI) 3-5/80
Typical Dimensions (L x W x H) 32" x 30" x 54"
Approximate weight (lbs.) net/crated 646/891 Lbs.
Crate Size (L x W x H) 55" x 35" x 67"


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