Automatic Pad Printer ICN-2500 4-Color Pad Printer

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The ICN-2500 is a heavy-duty 4-color pad printer with a precision servo-controlled indexing shuttle table. It is an automatic pad printer designed for rapid job setup and changeover, featuring: XYR micro-adjust plate-holder assemblies, programmable shuttle table (+/-.001") and quick-release locking handles on pad and cup assemblies. Setup can be accomplished easily without the use of any tools and features the patented VersaCup ink cup assembly with two-sided ceramic ring.

The print cycle of our ICN-2500 automatic pad printer is smooth and repeatable. With its membrane-touch control, it is easy to program all setup features including: pad stroke, pad delay and shuttle location. The durable 2500 printer has ample compression capability and is able to accommodate large, hard print pads - making the ICN-2500 printer one of the most versatile, capable and cost-effective multicolor pad printing machines available on the market today.

Automatic Pad Printer Standard Features: Automatic Pad Printer Standard Limits:
  • Accommodate up to four 90mm ink cup assemblies
  • Stepping motor-controlled part shuttle (+/- .001" tolerance)
  • XYR micro-adjust plateholder assemblies
  • Quick-release locking handles on pads and cups
  • Programmable rear and forward stroke delay
  • Programmable parts counter
  • Interlocked safety guards
  • Lighted work area
  • Base cabinet with height adjust and XYR shuttle adjustment
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures years of reliable operation
Inkcup Size Image Area Plate Size
1-up 90mm 85mm (3.3") 100mm x 250mm

Maximum Speed
One color (IPH) 1500
Four colors (IPH) 600

Power Requirements and Dimensions
Current/Voltage (1 phase/50-60 Hz.) 5A/110V
Air Consumption (CFM/PSI) 3-5/80
Typical Dimensions (L x W x H) 32" x 30" x 54"
Approximate weight (lbs.) net/crated 500/680 Lbs.
Crate Size (L x W x H) 45" x 47" x 65"


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