Cobalt 300 - High Speed Platemaking, Cutting & Engraving Laser

The Cobalt 300 is an advanced plate-making, cutting and engraving laser system, equipped with the highest-speed servo-driven motor and the most user-friendly software on the market. The Cobalt 300 is a CO2 laser machine geared for making high resolution Pad Printing Plates directly from the computer, without the use of film positives, chemicals or concern about depth control. In addition, this laser etcher comes with the industry's best warranty.

The servo drive amplifier enables smoother motions at higher speeds than stepping dive motors, which makes the Cobalt 300 the fastest engraving laser system in its class. The maximum etching speed is 110 inches per second. This CO2 laser machine also has the unsurpassed software package for quick positioning, modifying and printing multiple graphics to the laser. The XY motion of the laser print head enables etching of very large images, (up to 12" x 24") making the Cobalt 300 a highly flexible machine for engraving Acculaze and Imperial pad printing plates, engraving promotional products, laser marking products and cutting fixtures.

CO2 Laser Machine Specifications Software Features

  • 12 watt CO2 laser, air cooled
  • 1.5" focus lens
  • Maintenance-free brushless DC Servo drives with optical encoders
  • 24" x 12" x 6.7" (610mm x 305mm x 170mm) X-Y-Z travel
  • 110"/sec maximum processing speed
  • Laser diode pointer
  • Auto focus feature
  • Advanced Cobalt 300 software
  • 2 year warranty

  • Current: ..................................5Amps
  • Voltage....................................110V
  • Machine dimensions...........27.5"W x 38.5"L x 16"H

  • Marker - for quick and precise positioning of artwork
  • Change speed & power settings on the fly
  • Job queue - complete list of jobs including etching parameters
  • Guidelines - drag and drop for easy registration
  • Multiple positioning of jobs - different jobs can be positioned and etched at the same time
  • Repeat function - with one push of a button
  • Graphic Preview Button - see the actual image that will be etched
  • Naming feature - ability to save files with unique names
  • Air assist with built-in pump
  • Rotary engraving attachment

Benefits of Plate-Making with Engraving Laser

Process Improvements Direct Cost Savings Time and Efficiency Savings
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