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Pad Printing Machines

Pad printing machines serve as the label or marking machine of choice for the industrial, promotional, apparel and automotive industries. Inkcups’ line-up includes 1- to 6-color pad printing machines. These sealed cup pad printing machines come equipped with the most high-quality pad printing pads, pad printing plates, pad printing inks and pad printing cups and rings available on the market. Inkcups’ pad printing equipment offers ample compression capability for practically any application from silicone printing to promotional products to glass to industrial products. All pad printing supplies, spare parts and training are available from Inkcups as a truly pad printing solution.

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B100 1-Color Tabletop Pad Printing Machine

B100 1-Color Tabletop Pad Printing Machine

A high-speed, 1-color tabletop pad printing machine. Handle parts up to 4.25 in (107.95 mm) tall and image sizes up to 3 in (80 mm.) This 1-color tabletop pad printer has a robust pad compression capability of 120lbs at 80 PSI.


  • 1-color tabletop pad printer
  • Print images up to 3″ (80 mm)
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2200-C 2-Color Pad Printing Machine with Carousel

2200-C 2-Color Pad Printing Machine with Carousel

A heavy-duty, sealed-cup pad printing machine, offering images sizes up to 3″ (80 mm). Equipped with a precision 8-station carousel-style part-transport system design to ensure close-tolerance part positioning.


  • 2-color pad printer
  • 8 station carousel
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