Tagless garment label ink (pad printing ink)

For apparel tag and label printing we offer the Sapphire SB series pad printing ink. The Sapphire SB ink for tags does not require high temperatures for curing, instead it cures by air. The tags are non-tacky within a few seconds after printing.
Garment tags printed with the Sapphire series tagless garment ink withstand 50 industrial washes, are stretchable and soft hand, allow changing graphics on-demand, provide control over see-through, enable date and lot coding and eliminate the need to preorder and store label inventory. The comparison to heat transfer labels shows that tagless pad printing is a much more cost-effective, fast and flexible technology for tagless apparel manufacturers and decorators or any size.
For the last several years, Inkcups Now textile specialists have been perfecting our tag and label printing technology for the tagless garment market. We offer a turn-key solution for Tagless Printing and are ready to help you jump start a tag printing operation within your company, whether large or small.

New!  SuperWHITE Ink for Tags

New!  SuperSILVER Ink for Tags

Image 11

The SB SuperWHITE ink was formulated for dark-colored textile. The SuperWHITE uses a special pigment that increases print opacity and allows mixed ink to maintain proper viscosity during the production shift.

Image 11

The SB SuperSILVER has a silvery shine to it (which is hard to capture on a photograph). This ink was developed for wicking synthetic fabrics such as polyester, spandex and nylon blends used in sportswear (leggins, sports bras, ski pants, cycling shorts, swimsuits etc)

Benefits of Tag & Label Printing:

    - The printed apparel tags are soft to the touch (have "soft hand")
    - The printed tag is much cheaper than thermal transfer label
    - Tag and label printing gives you the flexibility to modify the image in-house any time
    - The inks cure by air, enabling you to stack the garments right after they are printed
    - With the SB ink, you can print fine fonts - as small as, for instance, size 4pt

Types of Apparel

The SB ink series works great for cotton, nylon, flock and ribbed textiles. Among the apparel types that you can print tags on are: t-shirts, shapewear and underwear (boxers, bras, tops, socks), sportswear and activewear (sweatshirts, sweatpants), uniforms and more. We tested many types of fabrics/garments and will provide advice on how to adjust such variables as plate depth, thinner speed, print pad hardness and machine cycle to achieve the desired opacity and durability.

Harmony Mixing System for PMS Colors

With Sapphire, you have the flexibility to create any color, any time!

The Harmony Color Matching System is a fast, easy and cost-effective 12 color semi-opaque color mixing system that allows you to match and mix pad printing/screen printing inks and to create both standard Sapphire color and any PMS color!


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