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UV Ink

Vivid White UV Curable Ink

Vivid White UV Curable Ink

Ideal for printing white over dark substrates and enhancing color vibrancy, the Vivid White UV curable ink is the newest addition to the S1 UV inkjet ink family. Vivid White ensures color matching is consistent across all products due to its opaque nature. This opaque UV curable ink has exceptional adhesion capabilities and passes the same rigorous adhesion and compliance standards as the Inkcups S1 ink series. It is a pour-over for machines currently using Inkcups S1 ink or can easily replace your current white with a simple flush of your machine.

Vivid White UV curable ink is best for a variety of substrates. From stainless to plastics to coated metals, the S1 UV inkjet ink series is the perfect all-purpose UV ink, especially for those who are printing on multiple substrates.


Vivid White SDS Safety data sheet


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