Garment Tag Printing Videos

High-Speed 2-Color Tagless Printing

The video shows printing 2-color image on textile using the ICN-2200-PSx high-speed pad printer equipped with a durable industrial-grade pad shuttle. Machine printing cycle speed is 800 to 2600 parts per hour for 1-color images and 700 to 1300 for 2-color images.

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Tagless Printing at a Factory

The video shows tagless garment lable pad printing as it happens at a factory. The technician is using the B100 pad printer to print garment labels at the rate of 20 tags per minute.

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BLink311 Invisible Ink for Textile

The video shows prints made on textile with BLink311. The prints are invisible in sunlight or day-like artificial light, and visible in black light.
More info on invisible pad and screen printing ink.

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Tagless Label Printing on T-shirts

The video shows one of ICN pad printing technicians printing tags onto t-shirts. He uses the B-100 pad printer equipped with one of our fixtures for tagless neck labels. Compared to thermal transfer, tagless pad printing is faster, cheaper and produces higher quality labels.

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Two-Color Conveyor Printing on Pants' Pockets with ICN-150L

This video shows the ICN-150L pad printer - a two-color machine with 150mm ink cups and linear conveyor - pad printing a large two-color logo onto pants' pockets.

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Printing on T-shirt and Fleece Cloth

The video shows high speed tagless printing - up to 1920 impressions per hour.
Learn more about Tagless Printing and how it compares to heat transfer in Tagless Printing FAQs.

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Tagless Printing in 3 Colors

This video shows the fixture and the basic process for printing 3-color tags on tagless garments, using the ICN-2500 tagless pad printing machine.

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